Gutter Guard

Leaf guards or gutter guards work reasonably well, so long as it doesn’t rain. As soon as you add rain to the equation, debris gets wet. Either the soggy debris will get sucked into the gutter by the gutter guard or it will create a spongy mess that can’t dry out and blow away over the gutter.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by smooth talk – a little research can save you from purchasing an expensive rain gutter protection system that may not solve your gutter problems. You may not get the lowdown on common consumer complaints from a salesperson, but hopefully, now that you’ve read this, you’ll be prepared with the questions to ask your salesperson.

We recommend a regular gutter cleaning schedule to maintain your gutters. Over time, this will still be a cheaper option than installing gutter guard, with a better overall result. If you want to keep your gutters in the best possible condition, we recommend you avoid installing a gutter guard product.

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