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Gutter Cleaning

Over time, leaves, tree branches and dirt start clogging your gutters and will block the rainwater from going into your storm water drainage system. Blocked gutters are the most common cause of overflowing gutters and leaks onto your eaves or into your roof cavity. We clear your gutters, and downpipes of debris to ensure rainwater flows smoothly into your storm water drainage. There is no better way to get the build-up out of your gutters than having an experienced technician clean your gutters and check that they are working properly. Leaving your gutters full can cause dampness issues for your house, which can lead to mould and mildew. If rainwater starts coming in the walls and roof, the most common cause is blocked gutters or downpipes. Getting them regularly cleaned will mean your spouting is in top working order and you will be safe knowing the rainwater is going where it’s supposed to. We offer three different packages to suit your needs.

Express Service

We understand that property maintenance is a costly exercise, so we offer our Express Service for the price conscious. This is for you if you are just looking to get your gutters flowing and functional again. 

We remove leaves, moss and build up from the inside of your gutters to get them functional and flowing again. We will remove debris by hand, ensure there are no blockages in your downpipe and provide you with photos after the job is complete.

Standard Service (most popular)

This is perfect if you want your gutters cleaned inside and out, making them not only functional, but looking like new again. 

We will remove debris by hand, ensure there are no blockages in your downpipes, water test your gutter system to make sure the water is running to downpipes, then brush scrub the exterior of your gutters to remove mould and mildew. Photos of the completed job will be sent to you also.

Premium Service

Keeping your gutters not only clean, but in good repair is important. Our premium service includes all that the Standard Service offer, with the addition of minor repairs. These minor repairs include application of sealant to leaking joins and corners, reattaching clips, full assessment and report of gutter condition with recommended repairs. Photos and video of the clean, repairs and areas for recommendation will provided in a report for you – this is great to keep on hand for insurance purposes to highlight the complete maintenance and being proactive with your guttering and spouting maintenance.

Gutter Repairs

Rusted, damaged, leaking, or overflowing gutters? We have experience repairing it all! We are the experts when it comes to gutter repair, gutter replacement and gutter fixing. Whether it's a small job or completely new gutters and downpipes, we'll get your gutters working properly and leave you with peace of mind. Gutters, downpipes and storm water drainage are incredibly important when it comes to the safety of your home! The Taranaki climate means heavy rains, strong winds, and trees are always attacking your roof and gutters. Homeowners should have an experienced gutter expert take care of their gutters and check them regularly to prevent water ingress and internal damage. Your gutters ensure rainfall is properly directed from your roof in a way that keeps the structure of your home and your surroundings safe! Get in touch today to schedule a free inspection and quote.

Gutter Repairs
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Roof Treatments

Is your roof covered in moss, mould or lichen, the answer may be having a professional treat the growth to remove it and stop it returning…no need to replace your roof just yet! 

We can take care of your gutter cleaning and whilst up there, carry out a roof treatment to extend the life of your roof. 

Ask us about our 12 monthly preventative maintenance packages.

Window Washing

Your windows are an important part of your home’s exterior, in addition to the aesthetic purposes they serve, they also help to insulate your home against the elements. If your windows are caked in grime, dirt, or cobwebs, it is time to get them cleaned. Coastal Gutter Cleaning can provide you with the high-quality external window cleaning services you need to make the outside of your windows sparkle again, removing the dirt, grime, cobwebs and build up that is in those hard-to-reach places.

Note: we do not provide internal window cleaning services – only external washing.

Window Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Regular Solar Panel maintenance and cleaning is a must when it comes to energy efficiency and extending the life of your solar panel system. Build-up of grime, mould and even moss can have a dramatic effect on how much sunlight hits your panels, in turn, this could affect how much money you will pay on power and even your warranty. 

Coastal Gutter Cleaning offer a cost-effective solution to keeping your solar panels working efficiently all year round.