Solar Panel Cleaning

Coastal Gutter Cleaning provides Taranaki's premier solar panel cleaning and maintenance service.

Our service will help to further the lifespan of your home’s solar panels and optimise its energy production.

We are a highly qualified and experienced team of cleaners who are available to come to your property and provide a quote and appointment time on the spot.

We adhere to the highest possible safety standards, are respectful of your home and family, and will not leave any form of mess at your home.

Why Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned With Us?

Solar panels, whilst being great for the environment and help add to a greener future, are a great way to save money on your energy bills. Therefore, you want your investment to be well-maintained and cleaned in order for its lifespan to be increased and to ensure it always runs at its maximum capability.

Naturally, being on the outside of your home, your solar panels are subject to becoming quite dirty. When they are regularly subjected to the elements, the amount of debris and dirt they pick up can actually damage the panels – rendering them unable to perform at their maximum level and in need of repairs that could become costly.

This is why it is important to contact the team at Coastal Gutter Cleaning to have your solar panels cleaned at a extremely affordable prices.

We use low volume detergents and water that won’t cause any damage to your panels and will help to increase their energy production levels.

Contact Us To Arrange A Quote And Appointment Today

If you would like to have your solar panels cleaned by our qualified roof, gutter, and panel cleaners, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Call 022 381 4497 or send us a message on our contact page and we will arrange an inspection time for you.

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